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  • PTA Meeting- October 25th

    Join us for our next PTA meeting on Tuesday, October 25, 206 at 5:00 pm in Room 110.  We have a bake sale (Friday, November 4th) and a Book Fair (Tuesday, November 15-Friday, November 18)  would love to have some parent volunteers to help out!

    Come to the meeting and learn more about these and other upcoming events!

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • High School Application Workshop

    8th Grade Parents-- Mark your calendars!

    Ms. Pena will be conducting a VERY IMPORTANT High School Application Workshop on Tuesday, October 25th from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Please bring the application with you.  During the workshop, you will learn how to complete the application correctly, whether you prefer that your child remain at Brooklyn Studio or that you prefer to explore other HS options.  You will also learn more about the Specialized High School Admissions Test and audition opportunities at other specialized high schools.

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Middle School Halloween Dance

    Put on your dancing shoes and throw on your Halloween costume!  Join us in the cafeteria on Wednesday, October 26th from 5 pm to 8 pm for a FRIGHTFULLY GOOD TIME!  Tickets are only $8 and must be purchased in advance.  Don't forget to turn in a signed permission slip!  

    Purchase your tickets from Ms. Dolan (6th grade), Ms. Kayser (7th grade), Ms. Accardi (8th grade).  Costumes are welcome, but you CANNOT cover your face!

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Open House Information Sessions

    Join Us!  Come learn more about our Middle School and High School! Meet Guidance Counselors and Staff, and take a tour of our school!

     Our second Open House will be on Saturday, October 29th, from 9 am to 11 am.  The High School Session will be held in Room 110, and the Middle School Session will be held in Room 111.

    Contact the Parent Coordinator, Mary Ann Ortiz, at or 718-266-5032, x1095 to RSVP for you and your child.  We look forward to meeting you!

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • It's Here-- the new Brooklyn Studio Newsletter is out!

    Take a look and find out what's in store for the Studio!

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School

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Happy October!

Hello Studio!

It is so hard to believe that one month of school has gone by so fast! Now that programs and classes have settled down, October becomes a very important month for our students.  Keep the conversation about school at home alive. Ask your children about their progress in their classes, their upcoming assignments and assessments, and if they need any support in being their most successful in school.  We are here to support you in any questions you may have about your child's academic performance and progress.

On that note...are you signed on to Pupil Path? Parents, I can not speak highly enough about Pupil Path! Pupil Path is a web based program that allows you to see your child's academic progress  in real time- from any computer or smartphone! There is also an email component to Pupil Path that our teachers use to communicate with you, and of course you can communicate with teachers as well using the feature.  If you are in need of a sign-on and password, please contact the school and we will provide it for you. Better yet, in the next week or so, the passwords will be mailed home TO YOU! Please sign up- it is a crucial component to your child's academic success.

There are so many great things happening at Studio. Congratulations on our Digital Media and Communication Program's recent certification as a CTE, or Career Technical Education Program! With that, we are receiving a 120,000 grant to upgrade our Computer Lab!  In keeping in line with "up keep", have you seen our Library? It looks amazing and our new Librarian, Ms. Sharpe (with help from Mr. Intonti) is excited to transform the space into a library fit for today's student! Let's not forget our recent Reso-A grant of 100,000 for new SMARTboards in every classroom. We are so appreciative of the outside grant funding we receive to make education as Studio a better for our students!

Finally, please take the time to contact our new Parent Coordinator Ms. Mary Ann Ortiz. Ms. Ortiz took on the role Parent Coordinator this September and she is working hard to connect to our Studio parents and families. Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Ortiz at ext. 1095 when you call the school.


I wish you and your family the very best this time of year!


Ms. Ciliotta

Principal, Brooklyn Studio Secondary School


Our Mission is to create an interdependent learning community where all students regardless of race, ethnicity or disability become strategic learners, capable of creatively and effectively processing information. The combined efforts of Parents, Teachers, Students, and the Community at large will enhance students ability to "Learn how to Learn". This will allow them to become active learners and performers after they leave school, capable of dealing with new knowledge as it emerges and encourages them to mature into active citizens and leaders who respect and celebrate diversity and individuality within their community. 





Every Tuesday from 2:25-3:00 is our parental engagement. This time is open to Parent/Guardians to call or come in and meet with their child's teacher with any questions or concerns. Teachers will also conduct outreach during this time to update families on their child's progress.



It is necessary to keep home addresses and emergency contact information (Blue Card) updated so that you can be contacted in case of a medical or other emergency. If you do not receive any mail from the school in a four-month period, contact the school to check that we have your correct address and telephone number.


  • PTA Meeting

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Room 110

    PTA Meeting

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • High School Application Workshop

    Meet with Ms. Pena, our Middle School Guidance Counselor, to review the High School Application process.
    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Room 111

    High School Application Process Workshop

    Join Ms. Pena for this VERY IMPORTANT workshop on completing the high school application. Bring in the application and learn how to fill it out properly!
    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Brooklyn Studio Cafeteria

    Halloween Dance

    Put on your dancing shoes! The Middle School Halloween Dance is coming up on October 26th. We'll party away in the cafeteria from 5 pm to 8 pm! Don't forget to purchase your ticket-- only $8!-- and bring in a signed permission slip. NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR> You can come in costume, but you CANNOT cover your face! HAVE FUN!
    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Brooklyn Studio, 8310 21st Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214

    Brooklyn Studio Open House for MS and HS 9 AM-11 AM

    We are holding Open Houses for our Middle School and our High School. Please come to meet some of our staff and to learn more about our programs. To RSVP, please e-mail our Parent Coordinator, Mary Ann Ortiz, at, or call her at 718-333-8100, x1095.
    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Happy Halloween!

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Bake Sale

    Please donate (homemade or store-bought) baked goods.
    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Election Day- No School

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • Veterans Day- No School

    Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
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